About us

Small business and management philosophy

Our company was established five years ago by young entrepreneurs, service oriented and work hard. Our understanding that serving is more than just feed, it is a social responsibility that motivates us every day to improve our services, proof is the growing number of repeat clients year after year, your visit to our establishment.

"Close your eyes and imagine a fresh turbot garnished with a fine wine, olive oil, black pepper and cloves along with some fresh tomatoes, potatoes and mushrooms from the garden.
Now open your eyes a deep breath and leave immediately at Restaurante La Alcazaba and enjoy these and other culinary delights, taking advantage of the benefits of a region completely washed by the sea and the mountainside, this place saves an immense variety of species and prepared with great refinement, providing a choice between several sauces and accompaniments.
The decor, music and the warmth of our view make the Restaurant La Alcazaba from Mijas an experience worth enjoying".

Class meals
Our restaurant offers a variety of international cuisine to suit all culinary tastes. Of all the ingredients that make up the rich Mediterranean diet, notably the use of olive oil as a typical product of our land, our food that makes for a more balanced and healthy world.

Specialties of the house
The specialties of the house that we recommend for this season are fresh fish, among which we can recommend the turbot of the house, seafood paella and a variety of home. All ingredients are fresh of the highest quality, reflected both in its taste and presentation to the highest level of culinary requirement.

Services and establishment as a whole
The establishment's service as a whole will be able to find nice, friendly and helpful along the beauty of its surroundings. Our restaurant offers special services for handicapped bar area where you can enjoy a cocktail prior to the commencement of your banquet and musical area where you can find some musician or singer to make your evening more enjoyable, and your guests.

Information for 2011
From 1 january 2011 VAT will not be included in the prices of our restaurant. The amount of 8% will be collected separately.

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