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In this section customers can view all of the culinary restaurants.

Our menu has a full range of international cuisine, with dishes of our land, which can accompany it with a wine from our extensive menu.

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La Alcazaba de Mijas título de la carta 1

Cold starters

Restaurante La Alcazaba entradas frías
  • Cold vegetable soup (gazpacho, in season).
  • Asparagus two sauces.
  • Prawns cocktail.
  • Tropical cocktail "La Alcazaba".
  • Avocado to the vinaigrette with salmon and prawns.
  • Avocado with prawns, pineapple and peach.
  • Goose pate with green pepper.
  • Smoked salmon.
  • Melon with Malaga wine.
  • Melon in love.
  • Melon with Iberian ham.
  • Assorted Iberian cured meat.
  • Cured loin of pork.
  • Iberian cured ham.
  • Cured sheep’s cheese.

Warm starters

Restaurante La Alcazaba entradas caliente
  • Omelet "Mijas style".
  • Omelet of your chice.
  • Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and prawns.
  • Scrambled eggs with prawns and asparagus and ham.
  • Scrambled eggs with young garlic, prawns and ham.
  • Sauted mushrooms, prawns and parsley.
  • Broad beans with ham.
  • Stuffed peppers “piquillo” with cod fish.
  • Aubergines with honey from Mijas mountains.
  • Sauted vegetables with praens and ham.
  • Vegetables panache.

Fish and seafood

Restaurante La Alcazaba pescados y mariscos raciones
  • Sauted clams with sherry.
  • Prawns gambon grill (6 units).
  • Prawns in spicy garlic sauce.
  • Prawns pil-pil style.
  • Fried anchovies.
  • Marinated fishes.
  • Fried squid.
  • Fied small squids.


Restaurante La Alcazaba ensaladas
  • Mixed salad.
  • Red pepper salad.
  • Roquefort salad.
  • Greek salad.
  • Mozarabe salad.
  • Peppers with marinated salmon (virgin olive oil).
  • Chicory with Roquefort.
  • Lettuce hearts with anchovies of the Cantabrian.


  • Cream of large red shrimp and prawns.
  • Shellfish soup.
  • Onion soup.
  • Garlic soup.
  • Mijas style soup.


Restaurante La Alcazaba arroces
  • Fideuá (especial vermicelli and shellfish).
  • Vegetable paella.
  • Paella (meat and shellfish).
  • Special seafood paella.

Shellfish and fish

Restaurante La Alcazaba pescados y mariscos
  • Fried or grilled red snapper.
  • Mussels seaman style.
  • Grilled tiger king prawns (6 units).
  • Grilled monkfish.
  • Monkfish seaman style.
  • Fried or grilled sole.
  • Lenguado a la Meunière.
  • Sole a la Meunière.
  • Fillets of sole Cleopatra.
  • Hake in green sauce with clams and prawns.
  • Grilled Salmon fresh.
  • Salmon with raisin and orange aroma.
  • Grilled golden sea-bream.
  • Golden sea-bream in salt.
  • Grilled sea bass.
  • Sea bass in salt.
  • Turbot "La Alcazaba" (2 people).
  • Grilled swordfish.
  • Swordfish a la Meunière.
  • Cod "Riojana style".
  • Shrimps "flambée" with curry sauce.


Restaurante La Alcazaba carnes
  • Roast leg of baby lamb.
  • Baby lamb chops.
  • Baby lamb shoulder with thyme.
  • Grilled filet ateak.
  • Sweet mustard fillet steak.
  • Fillet steak in Malaga wine.
  • Fillet steak with green pepper sauce.
  • Fillet steak with mushroom cream sauce.
  • Chateaubriand with béarnaise sauce (2 people).
  • Beff Stroganoff.
  • Grilled Entrecote.
  • Entrecote with green pepper sauce.
  • Entrecote with mushrooms cream sauce.
  • Grilled rib-eye steak.
  • Grilled “Avila” rib-eye steak.
  • Grilled pork fillet steak.
  • Grilled pork fillet steak with mushrooms cream sauce.
  • Pork fillet steak with pepper sauce.
  • Elbow of pork to the molinera.
  • Pork fillet steak curry sauce.
  • Grilled fillet of chicken.
  • Fillet of chicken breaded.
  • Chiken fillet with cream.
  • Chicken fillet with green pepper sauce.
  • Chicken with curry sauce.

Home made desserts

  • Cream of the house.
  • Profiteroles.
  • Cream caramel with cram.
  • Chocolate mousse.
  • Strawberries with cream.
  • Bananas flambee.
  • Caramel mould.
  • Tiramisú.
  • Chocolate cake.
  • Caramel creamwith almonds, coconut and honey.
  • Strawberries with orange juice.
  • Grand Marnier crepes flambee.

La Alcazaba de Mijas título de la carta 2
White Wines

White wine
Monte Espejo
Tierras de Molina, Málaga. Doradilla y Moscatel.
Tierras de Cádiz. Palomino fino.
Gran feudo
Chardonay. Navarra.
Torres Penedés. Parellada
Gran Viñasol
Torres Penedés. Chardonay
Viña Esmeralda
Semidulce, moscatel y Gewüszrtraminer. Torres. Penedés
San Valentín
Semidulce. Parellada. Torres. Penedés
Sauvignon. Torres. Penedés.
Chardonay. Torres. Penedés
Faustino VII
Rioja. Viura
Faustino V
Rioja. Viura
Rioja. Fermentado en barrica
Rioja. Viura
Marqués de Cáceres
Rioja. Viura
Mar de Frades
Albariño. Rias. Baixas. Galicia
Albariño. Rias Baixas. Galicia
Marqués de Riscal
Sauvignon Blanc. Rueda
Verdejo. Rueda
Martín Codax
Albariño. Rías Baixas. Galicia
Rose Wines

 Rose of the house.
Aguja. Valladolid
Faustino VII
Rioja. Alavesa tempranillo y garnacha
Faustino V
Rioja. Alavesa tempranillo
Marqués de Cáceres
Rioja. Tempranillo y garnacha
Marqués Riscal
Rioja. Tempranillo
Torres de Casta
Torres. Penedés. Tempranillo. Cariñena
Pago del Vicario
Petit Verdot. Castilla La Mancha
Conde Valdemar
Rioja. Garnacha y tempranillo
Gran Feudo
Navarra. Garnacha
Red Wines Foster

Tinto de la casa
Finca los Trenzones
Shiraz, La Mancha
Tempranillo y Shiraz. Ronda
Viñas del Vero
Somontano. Tempranillo y Cabernet. Sauvignon
Gran Feudo
Tempranillo, Garnacha y Cabernet. Sauvignon
Tempranillo. Tinta fina Rioja
Marqués de Vitoria
Rioja alavesa. Tempranillo
Rioja tempranillo. Garnacha y Mazuelo
Rioja. Tempranillo, Graciano y Mazuelo
Rioja Alavesa. Tempranillo
Marqués de Cáceres
Rioja Alavesa, Tempranillo, Garnacha y Graciano
Rioja Alta. Tempranillo Garnacha, Mazuelo y Graciano
Ribera del Duero. Tinta fina. Cabernet Sauvignon y Merlot
Ribera del Duero. Tinta Fina
Ribera del Duero Tinta Fina, Tempranillo
Ribera del Duero Tempranillo
Emilio Moro
Ribera del Duero Tinta Fina
Ribera del Duero. Tinta Fina
Pago de Carraovejas
Ribera del Duero, Tinta Fina, Cabernet Sauvignon y Merlot
Pago de los Capellanes
Ribera del Duero. Tinta Fina y Cabernet Sauvignon
A Pasos
Syrah. Cabernet Sauvignon. Merlot y Petit Verdot
Reserve Red Wine

Cabernet Sauvignon. Ronda
Gran Feudo. Viñas Viejas
Navarra. Tempranillo, Garnacha y Cabernet
Marqués de Vitoria
Rioja. Tempranillo
Gran Coronas
Cabernet Sauvignon. Torres Penedés y Tempranillo
Marqués de Murrieta
Rioja. Tempranillo, Garnachas y Mazuelo
Marqués de Riscal
Rioja. Tempranillo, Cariñena, Graciano y Mazuelo
Marqués de Cáceres
Rioja. Tempranillo, Garnachas y Graciano
Faustino V
Rioja. Tempranillo y Cariñena
Rioja. Tempranillo
Monte Real
Rioja. Tempranillo, Cariñena y Graciano
Barón de Chirel
Rioja. Tempranillo
Ribera del Duero. Tinta del País, Cabernet Sauvignon
Tempranillo. Rioja Alta
Big reservations

Ribera del Duero, Tinta Fina
Faustino I
Rioja. Tempranillo, Mazuelo y Graciano
Faustino autor
Rioja. Tempranillo y Graciano
Faustino edición especial
Rioja. Tempranillo
Ribera del Duero, Tinta del país
Lan edición especial
Rioja. Tempranillo
Viña Pedrosa
Ribera del Duero, Tinta del País, Cabernet Sauvignon
Faustino 9000
Rioja. Origen calificada Tempranillo
Monte Real
Rioja. Tempranillo, Mazuelo y Graciano
Mas la Plana
Cabernet Sauvignon. Torres
Pago de los Capellanes El Nogal

Ribera del Duero. Tinta fina
Vegas Sicilia
Ribera del Duero, Tempranillo, Cabernet y Merlot
Flor de Pingus
Ribera del Duero, Tempranillo, Tinta fina
Monte Real Gran Reserva del 64
Rioja. Tempranillo, Mazuelo, Graciano
  • Red sangria.
  • White sangria.
  • Cava sangria.

Semi o Brut
Faustino rosado
Codorníu N.P.U.
Xarel-lo, Macabeo y Parellada
Anna de Codorníu rosé
Brut Pinot Noir Chardonay
Juve y Camps
Reserva familia. Macabeo, Parellada, Xarel-lo
Juve y Camps
Brut rosado Pinot Noir
Benjamín Codorníu


Möet & Chandon
Brut especial, Pinot Noir y Chardonay
Möet & Chandon
Don Perignon
Chardonay, Pinot NOir
La Gran Dame Brut

Laurent Perrier Grand Siècle

Laurent Perrier Cuvée Rose Brut
Pinot Noir
Perrier Juvet Gran Brut

Perrier Belle Époque blanco

The Chef and Maitre and wine recommendations as meals
Any good food required for a good tasting wine accompaniment, then we will suggest a possible variety of food and wine. The chef suggests garlic white input mozarabic with salad starter followed by filet of sole or Golden Cleopatra to the back accompanied by white wine cellars Alvarinho Davide. Also you can suggest as a second-lover's Fillet of Beef meat to Malaga wine or mustard, lamb chops or Lechal piglets Pork with a red wine Portia. For dessert you can suggest or banana crepe flamed. This is a selection of dishes offered by us, although, given the wide variety of our menu we recommend reviewing other options for dishes in our menu.

Business meals

Business meals, groups and weddings

The restaurant is the citadel of the space described in their rooms, is up to all sorts of business meals for groups and weddings, so can enjoy the space in which to host guests, family and friends on special occasions . The environment and context that we offer will make your dining experience unforgettable for you and your guests.

Plaza de la Constitución La Alcazaba, 305 MIJAS (pueblo) Málaga 29650
Phone;952 590 253
Alt Phone:952 486 397
Fax:952 590 253
Business Hours: 
•    de 10:30 a 23:00 h (restaurant).
•    De 12:00 a 16:00 h y de 19:00 a 23:00 h (cocina).
Plaza de la Constitución La Alcazaba, 305 MIJAS (pueblo) Málaga 29650
Phone;952 590 253
Alt Phone:952 486 397
Fax:952 590 253
Business Hours: 
•    de 10:30 a 23:00 h (restaurant).
•    De 12:00 a 16:00 h y de 19:00 a 23:00 h (cocina).

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